What we do:
Provide volunteer services for clients who are elderly and/or disabled and you think qualify for the following:
    • Transportation
    • Shopping for or with a client
    • Simple home repair
    • Read mail
    • Fill out forms
    • Visiting
    • Moving

Who volunteers:

People from the area who want to serve their community and have a relationship with Christ.

How to refer a client:
Call the Volunteers in Action office at 303-713-9144 and speak to our Volunteer Coordinator, Kelli Schuttinga.

Who to refer:
Clients who have needs that can appropriately be met by a volunteer.
Clients who are not able to afford to hire the help needed to thrive.
Clients who live in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Englewood or Littleton. (See a map of our service area)

What our Volunteers DO NOT provide:

    • Financial help
    • Hands on care
    • Ongoing cleaning, cooking, laundry, yard work, lawn mowing and snow shoveling
    • Financial management/bill paying
    • Case management
    • Provide volunteers for other agencies